Design hoarding

without the bookmark debt

I'm a total bookmark nerd. Often times finding myself bookmarking things I think I'll need later on. Specifically, web pages I find beautiful, useful, and well designed. To me, these bookmarks provide great reference point when working on a new project to draw inspiration from.

Over the years though, I've found that a traditional bookmark manager doesn't quite grant me the tools to resurface, identify, and organize the things I've saved.

The issues, I think, can be divided into these few themes:

  1. Bookmarking an entire page seems a little too generic. What is it about this particular page did I find fascinating?

  2. As time goes by these bookmarks would become stale. A nightmare I think we've all experienced: the links stop working 😔

  3. If we're lucky our bookmark manager would also take a screenshot of the original source. However, screenshot resolutions may be poor and even worse yet, they're non interactive

  4. It's difficult to compose various bookmarks together in one single source, whether it be a moodboard or some other design artifact

I built UI Capsule to try to tackle each of these problems. I describe it as "Pinterest meets UI"

Hopefully, with the help of this tool, design hoarders like myself can continue our passion for collecting, without all the extra baggage.

Want to give it a try?

Let's collect UI without all the extra baggage